But We, Like, Don’t Do That

Sometimes we get phone calls from your customers saying, “Gotta bag here of your, um, like, um, your bird seed and stuff. I can’t remember where I, like, bought it from. Like, you know, I was wondering if you would, like, ship me a bag direct.” (Editor’s Note: Not all the callers sound like my teenage son.)

But we, like, don’t do that.

Instead, we politely refer them back to your store where they:

  • Talked to a knowledgeable person about seed
  • Found the right type and amount of seed they needed
  • Got the down-low on the local bird population
  • Received an offer to have the seed carried to their car

Just so you know… we’ll never compete with our customers on the internet. Never will.And let’s not mention that one time Mahlon posted on AmishDate.com.