Let’s Meet Blair

Some of you already know Blair. He’s one of Lizzie Mae’s drivers and he answered a few questions so we could learn more about him

Who are ya and where do you deliver for Lizzie Mae?

Blair D. Bechtel. I deliver in northern New England/New York City and Long Island.

How many store owners do you meet during a standard day?

On a typical Tuesday I’ll meet between 7-10 stores in New England. A lot of our deliveries we drop and cover so we get in and out before traffic in the shopping centers.

What are some of your duties as part of being a driver for Lizzie Mae?

I deliver the birdseed safely and efficiently to every store, The big thing is communication and our customers are great at communicating. When the bad weather hits that is when they are often in the most need for their seed delivery. It is also when it can be the toughest time to get in to make the deliveries. I have always appreciated how thoughtful my customers are about my safety during the Winter season.

What do some stores do that other stores should do?

A lot of my store owners understand that my actions are not inconsequential. There are strict laws about service hours in the trucking industry. We are only allotted a certain amount of time in a given day to drive, refuel, and take a 10 hour break. In New England the store owners have been very cordial to make provisions with local law enforcement and property owners that allow me to take my breaks at their stores.

What is your most embarrassing or surprising Lizzie Mae moment?

One time I had to call my wife to learn how to use the sucker hose on a dirt devil vacuum cleaner. I needed to clean up a bag of broken millet that I had torn at a delivery when I rolled a skid into a stores’ storage room (Editor’s Note: If he’s calling for directions on how to use a vacuum cleaner, let’s just figure that Blair isn’t doing the “inside” chores around the house.)

Anything else?

Outside of delivering birdseed I am a captain at Town and Country Fire District in West Salem, Ohio. My family includes my wife, Erin, and my daughter, Violet, and we are expecting another addition in October. We have a small gentleman’s farm that includes miniature donkeys, goats, steers, and my daughter’s rabbit, Hoppy.