Rob is thinking about… Nyjer

Source countries – Ethiopia and India

Growing season – Sowing in Sept/Oct and harvested in Jan/Feb every year
Harvested how – By hand, using a sickle (Ed.’s Note: Just like the Grim Reaper!)
(Ed.’s Note to Self: Start making happier comparisons.)

Nyjer is cleaned, processed and heat treated at a plant in Ethiopia to USDA standards and then exported in either paper bags, totes or in bulk to these shores in ocean-going containers.

Some Nyjer is shipped to the USA and then heat treated to USDA standards in one of two facilities. The product is then packaged in either paper bags, totes

Summary of what happened this year. – crop was a lot smaller than expected due to unexpected rains close to the harvest period in December causing a damage to the crop.There was also good demand from oil crushers in Ethiopia causing further upward pressure on prices. Markets continue to be extremely tight due to illiquid supply (We’ll wait while you Google Illiquid too. We looked it up twice and still aren’t sure what it means.) as we approach the later part of the season. After a brief back off in cost from the peak, Nyjer pricing is back at a high for the year. We will all have to keep an eye on this one but if you have an expectation it will be coming down aggressively at any point over the next couple months we don’t see that happening.

PS: If you’re known as an Ethiopian Oil Crusher, you can make demands anytime you want. I’m going to start telling people that I’m a part-time Ethiopian Oil Crusher just to see where it gets me.