The Warehouse is Complete!

We just doubled our finished product space. (How many times do you get to say that in a lifetime?) Hey, who doesn’t want a little more closet space? Actually the main reason we added to the warehouse is so we can add to our list of products we can distribute to you. Seriously. Kevin promises his beanie baby collection will only be taking up two shelves at the most.

We also put up a really, really big Premium Oil Seed Bin to stay ahead of your orders this Winter. The best products need the best bins and this is what we got on the farm. Sweet.

So, to sum up: More warehouse space. Premium Oil Seed Bin. Enough Nyjer Seed to please an Ethiopian Oil Crusher. Just another day in the life of the dedicated souls at LM BS & DG as we work our way to becoming your one-stop shop for Bird Seed and related supplies