Why Lizzie Mae?

Lizzie Mae Birdseed

So what’s so special about the Lizzie Mae Bird Seed and Dry Goods company? Our wives have been asking the same thing for years. Here’s what we tell them.

Amish Crafted

Lizzie Mae is dedicated to creating the best seed and delivering it directly to retailers. Our Amish crafted process starts with the best ingredients. Then Mahlon and his team follow their traditions to create the finest bird seed ever seen. It takes a wee bit more time to fill each bag but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Direct Store Delivery

When your product is this good, you just don’t let anyone deliver it to your customers. Our drivers haul only Lizzie Mae Bird Seed. (They’re not crazy about the impersonal nature of Big Box stores either.) Your order is as important to us as it is you. Kevin makes sure we know where it is every step of the way. Our drivers even bring their own lift gates and electric jacks – so order as much as you want.

Buy Local

This point is really important to us. It’s why we don’t directly sell our products to the consumer. Rob can get you started with local products and he’ll send Lizzie Mae marketing materials your way as well. We want the backyard birding enthusiasts in your area to know that your store is the place to get the best bird seed and the best information about feeding birds.