House Blends

We love packing a great bag of bird seed. But you’re the expert when it comes to what the birds in your area like the most. That is why we created our “House Blend” program. Each bag is a unique formulation designed by you (we are happy to help) for your local feathered friends and the folks that feed them. Yep, you get to tell us exactly what to do. Why should our wives have all the fun? BTW—pretty sure our wives don’t read any of this dribble so we’re safe to say things like that. We’re going to keep this between us, right?
LoveforthebirdsPoster 259x400

Here’s how House Blends are your DIFFERENTIATION in the Marketplace

  • A unique seed blend specially formulated for the songbirds in your area
  • A story for you to share with customers. You work with a small Amish Farm in Holmes County Ohio……..Amish Farm to Backyard Feeder (No worries – Lizzie Mae will provide you with the Marketing Collateral) With a low minimum order of 500LBS (25 x 20) of your House Blend along with 1500LBS of any of our other products, you have an answer for every, “What do you recommend?”

And your sales don’t stop with your house blend. Don’t forget the add-ons.

  • House blends are available in seed cakes.
  • House Blends flow nicely through the Squirrel Buster Plus, Classic or Standard Feeders.
  • We suggest a separate feeding station for Nyjer Seed to complement your house blend

Blah blah blah blah. You get it…The list is endless – almost. Good thing Rob created a calendar to list all this stuff.