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Jovati Grit

22 LB Item ID: 6058

Use this mineral grit mixture during the race season. What you will notice – mineral-bag the birds will stay in condition longer, the birds become more buoyant. It’s the perfect supplement to add to your existing race program. Use it all week during racing. Use in a grit bowl or use it as a treat in a smaller gallipot.

You can also mix it with the feed. Also excellent for the breeders. This grit mixture is the best we have seen in all of the US and Europe.


Seaweed grits, silex, calcium, oyster shells, stomach grits, loam, minerals, trace elements, breeding seeds, carrots, CU, FE, Zn, Mn, Do, L, Sc, VItamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3 and E.

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