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Squirrel Buster Peanut+

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A No Mess No Waste™ option for clinging birds, with a tail prop for woodpeckers.

You can locate this bird feeder anywhere and be squirrel free. Position it to get great close-up views of your favorite birds. Hang your feeder over a window, in a tree, on a deck, a fence, in your garden, on the side of your house, from a rain trough or over sliding doors. Use brackets, extension hooks and tree hooks to hang your feeder at the recommended clearance. Hooks and brackets are available at birding stores, garden centers and hardware supply stores. Your feeder prevents squirrels from eating expensive seed, scaring the birds and damaging your feeder. Enjoy being free of squirrel problems, but please remember, squirrels also need to eat. For the price of a few peanuts, or inexpensive cracked corn, squirrels will be happy to entertain.

  • Guaranteed squirrel proof. 
  • Effective against Red and Grey Squirrels
  • Easy to fill
  • Chew-proof
  • Seed Tube Ventilation™
  • Easy to clean

How It Works

Openings in the middle section of the metal mesh shroud align with the wire mesh holding the peanuts, providing birds access to the food. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down, closing access to the ports. Squirrels and some large birds are foiled but not harmed in any way.

Proven Technology 

The Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ feeder breaks new ground with design features available for the first time on any wild bird peanut feeder. Over a million happy clients (and well-fed birds) confirm that the patented Squirrel Buster system is truly squirrel proof!

Negative Grip Tube™

The negative grip tube prevents squirrels from grasping the wire hanger with their hind legs, hanging down alongside the feeder and defeating the closing mechanism.

Woodpecker Friendly Tail Prop

The Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ feeder is designed with a large tail prop allowing woodpeckers to feed comfortably, using their tails for support and balance – just like they do on trees. Woodpeckers have zygodactyl feet, each consisting of four toes, the first and fourth facing back and the second and third facing front. This toe arrangement is good for grasping the limbs and trunks of trees, but to balance easily the tail and feet need to work together for support. Thus, they need a large surface against which to prop their tails.

Feeder Ventilation System™

Damp and decaying food decreases bird traffic and can become contaminated and spread disease. Most transparent bird feeder food tubes trap solar energy just like a greenhouse. The air in the Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ feeder rises and escapes through patented water-proof vents at the top of the feeder. The escaping, heated air is replaced by fresh air entering through the food ports as well as from the bottom of the feeder. Food remains fresh, attracting more birds.

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