Bird Watcher’s General Store

"Here at the Bird Watcher’s General Store we sell nearly seven tons of birdseed every week. Finding a reliable source of product, at a reasonable price, is the most challenging part of our business. That is why we have chosen  Lizzie Mae to be our sole birdseed supplier. Their service is outstanding, their prices are fair and they totally stand behind their products. If we have a complaint, it is taken care of right of away. (And believe me, we like to complain.) Running a small business isn’t always easy, but it would be a lot easier if more of my vendors provided the service and product consistency that I get from Lizzie Mae. Go Pats!!!"  - Mike - Orleans, MA


One Good Tern

"I am grateful for the day when, searching for a source for NutraSaff, I found you folks. Your seed is so fresh and clean, and your service and willingness to accommodate are without peer. Thank You! (And please let the whole staff know how much it all means to me). "  - Chas - Alexandria VA


Bird House on the Greenway

"When we started out as an independent wild bird store, we wanted our own house blend to set us apart from the competition and also give our customers a seed blend that would attract the largest variety of birds with the least amount of waste. We worked with Lizzie Mae to develop the recipe for “Greenway Blend” which our customers now call “bird crack”. Just like the other Lizzie Mae seed varieties we offer, our house blend is clean, free of debris or dust, and of high quality and branded with our logo. We started out with a couple of seed vendors, but Lizzie Mae quickly became our sole supplier. Very responsive to our changing needs and communicative if issues arise, we’ve had no delivery interruptions. “Seed” is our largest department but our smallest source of problems, and as a small business owner, that is greatly appreciated! We love Lizzie Mae!" - Carol - Charlotte, NC


The Bird Store and More

"We buy all our bird seed from Lizzie Mae. Our house blend is our biggest seller. We did a house blend before Rob could spell house blend but now that he is in charge of marketing all the sudden “custom mixes” are called “House Blends”. If Lizzie Mae ever calls seed Artisan we will have to throw them out." - Bill & Nancy - Sturbridge. MA


The Backyard Naturalist

"Lizzie Mae’s Bird Seed and Dry Goods is one of those rare vendors that offers both excellent product AND excellent service. As an independent bird feeding supply shop, quality and service is extremely important to us. Not only what we offer our customers, but what our vendors offer us. Rob, Kevin and Mahlon strive at all times to be the best-and they are-delivering the best bird seed at the best prices and their drivers are awesome." - Mike & Debbie- Olney, MD


Mother Nature's

"We have been in the birdseed retailing business for well over 20 years and have dealt with many seed vendors. Lizzie Mae is the best. Their service is outstanding. Talk about customer service, this company consistently goes above and beyond. We had requests for a special mix and came up with a formula we call “Dave’s Mix”. This is our house blend and localizes our product for the customers in area. We recommend Lizzie Mae to anyone who is interested in carrying a bird seed that separates them from the crowd." - Dave & Claire - Columbia, MD