5 Questions With Mahlon Yoder

…with a few editorial comments thrown in

Question 1: What is “Amish Crafted”?Amish Crafted is our pledge. The finest ingredients prepared with the finest detail. Each bag of seed is filled by skilled Amish workers. Our plant is in the heart of Holmes County, OH. It is Ohio’s largest Amish population. It is also one of the top tourist attractions in Ohio. We run the place without electricity power from the lines by creating our own power with a generator run by natural gas. (Editor’s note: Feel free to tell your customers that Lizzie Mae products are created by a bunch of like-minded radicals living off the grid.)

Question 2: How is Lizzie Mae seed different from the stuff in large stores that also sell snow tires?Each bag of Wild Bird Food is individually packaged with the intention to fully satisfy the end user or customer. We take extra care in making sure that we are producing the highest quality product available on the market.

Question 3: What should store owners be telling their customers about Lizzie Mae Bird Seed?Simply put, we do not bring in inferior product from our vendors so we are always sending out a high quality product. Birds love our clean, fresh food.

Question 4: What’s your favorite part of working on the farm?Producing Lizzie Mae’s Birdseed is my favorite thing on the farm. After that would be the passion and love that I have for working with and being around horses. And totes chillaxing with my homes’ in Holmes County OH. (Editor’s Note: We made up that last part. No idea what it means. Thanks Google!)

Question 5: How is your commute?What is this commute??? Remember, I am Amish and pack birdseed!