Boring Operational Issues

Better pump up that sugar intake because our BOIs are extra boring this time:

  • We got Bird Baths. Yes, we just mentioned it but did you really read that whole section?
  • We now stock the PTF Bird Tweet
  • We now stock the Brome Legacy and Seed Catcher
  • We now stock C and S Suet Bluebird Nuggets, Hot Pepper Nuggets, Seed Treat, Peanut Treat, Berry Treat, Nutty Treat, Orange Treat, Hot Pepper Delight, Woodpecker Treat, Mealworm Delight, Pure Suet, Sweet Corn Log, Nut and Sweet Corn Log
  • We now stock a generic 20LB and 40LB Oil Sunflower in addition to the 50LB and 25LB Generic Oil Sunflower
  • We now stock a 10LB Bag of Cranberries and a 10LB Bag of Raisins (Warning: If Mahlon’s mom makes her raisin mumble for Christmas we may have to out of stock the raisins. But it would be totally worth it. Her raisin mumble is da bomb.)