Let’s Meet Anna Kay

All the great philosophers will say that one should never sweat the small stuff. They obviously don’t know much about the logistics of transporting Lizzie Mae seed from our farm to your store to your customers’ backyard feeders.

No detail is too small for us to sweat! It’s like sweat is our middle name. (That’s kinda gross.) We just know that sweating the details is what great customer service is all about.

We used to assign the “small stuff sweating” to a couple of the guys in the barn. But they did too good a job around mid-August if you know what I mean. Now Anna Kaye stays cool and calm while taking care of every detail. Let’s meet Anna Kaye…

What are your job responsibilities for Lizzie Mae?

My work includes letting customers know what day their delivery will be. Running the Credit Cards. Helping enter the orders. Getting the paperwork ready for the drivers & getting the orders to the warehouse guys that do the loading. I also help package the seed cakes we make. (Editor’s Note: This is when my hand cramped up from writing all this down. She does a lot!)

How did you happen to end up working at Lizzie Mae?

Well I started out putting labels on bags here at Stony Hill, and then it got to where I entered orders for Lizzie Mae on Wednesdays. Then I went to the office full time & started to do a lot more things for the business-side of the business.

What’s the best part about your job?

I like to enter the orders. I like to see what the customers order and it starts the whole process. After the orders are entered, it leads to entering the weights on the load sheet and getting the invoices ready for the guys to pick up the orders. And then there’s getting the paperwork ready for the drivers…

What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you while working?

One time I brought in cookies for the gang and put them on my desk. But I got a phone call and it was a lady from a store in Fresno asking if we have some strange feed for yellow-bellied sapsuckers. So that meant I had to walk back into the deepest darkest parts of the warehouse to see if we had this product. But when I get to my desk, she’s hung up and the cookies were gone!

Umm… did she sound like a man trying to sound like a woman?

Now that you mention it, she did sound rather… I want to be nice here… largish

Do you work with any stores in Fresno?

No. Maybe that should have been a clue.

By chance, was Rob in the office that day?

Yes, and what made that day even more strange was when he didn’t order his typical second desert at lunch. Mystery solved!