Let’s Meet MJ Shetler

MJ has been working for Mahlon since he’s been allowed to work. He describes his week as doing a little bit of everything. (Sound familiar to any store owners?)

On Monday and Tuesday he’s helping get the orders prepared for shipping. Wednesday through Friday is spent building bird houses and mixing and shaping and packaging seed cakes. The weekends are for hunting, fishing and catching up on Real Housewives episodes. (We made up one of those facts but we’re not saying which one.)

MJ loves working with family. Mahlon is his uncle but MJ says he’s really more like a brother. And MJ pointed out that deer season starts in two weeks. So yo, Bro, can a guy get a day off for opening day of deer season? Ed’s Note: That was us saying Yo and Bro. MJ and Mahlon are not big Yo-ers.