Rob Is STILL Thinking About: #2 Chips

Rob was watching the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest:

and was thinking… I could do that. Actually he was thinking about #2 Chips. The birds love them which means your customers want them which means you need to know all about them. We talked a little about them last issue, but that just created more questions.

It’s like all these store owners think we are just here to help you learn more so you can build your business. (Full Disclosure: That is exactly what we live for – and hot dogs.)

The main goal at sunflower hulling facilities is to create an edible Bakery Kernel for human consumption. During the process of creating an edible bakery kernel different types of bi-products are created and used in the bird food industry. One such product is #2 Chips. This product is produced while in the process of de-hulling sunflower seeds for edible consumption. Our #2 Chips is a product where the shell and full meats of sunflowers are combined together. The ratio of this product is 70% kernel and 30% in shell, but can vary to be more kernel in the product and less in-shell. The reason for a variance is the hulling ratio, which you can experience when the kernel is extracted from the shell during the de-hulling process.

Electric eyes will force compressed air into the sunflowers that will take out the product with shell still on, which produces the #2 Sunflower Blend. Many people prefer this product when feeding the birds since you receive a product that is less messy by the feeder than straight sunflower seed. From the de-hulling process you experience many types of bi-products used in the wild bird feeding such as Coarse Chips, Select Chips, Medium Chips, and Fine Chips. More meats for less money is the big attraction to #2 Chips.