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Hanks Cedar Woodpecker Feeder

One Size Item ID: 9061
  • To get your Woodpecker Families started on the Cakes or Suet’s, you will need to remove the Top Screen from the Feeder so Cakes or Suet’s can rest on the very bottom screen.
  • Once Woodpecker’s are started insert your top screen at the lowest setting and then move to a higher setting as your Woodpecker’s become more comfortable with the feeder.
  • Always keep your Cakes or Suet’s above your top Screen of the Feeder, this will make so that Startling’s will not be able to reach.
  • Directions to change Screens: You will need a Phillips Screw Driver, remove the 2 screws at one end of the Feeder this will allow the end piece of the Feeder to be removed and you can adjust your screen as needed.
  • Put the end piece back onto the feeder and fasten both screws back in place and your feeder is ready to return back to your “Feathered Friends”
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